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Junk Cars Welcome!

Junk cars can be a nuisance at best to most people. They take up valuable space in your garage, driveway, or field. They are an eyesore, ugly as anything, and nobody wants to see them lying around. They are even an environmental hazard if they’re left to rot.

So what do you do with them?

Well, removing them and having them towed could be expensive and time consuming. You’re not going to get very much for them when you make it to the junk yard, either. In fact, through this process, you might actually still lose money!

Why do that when you can just call Miller's Cash For Cars at (815) 977-8786? We will come and pick up your junk car, tow truck and all, for zero dollars. That’s right, absolutely no cost or hidden fees. We will even pay you for it, of course! We offer top dollar on all junk or scrap cars, no matter the condition!

But the car I have in mind couldn’t possibly have any value.

That’s what you’ve been told! We see it quite differently. We know all the methods of extracting value from any car. No matter how rough the shape of your car, and how worthless it might be to you and others, we will definitely make you an offer!

We also know how to properly and responsibly recycle vehicles and their parts, so you can be sure that your vehicle will be in the right hands! By selling us your used or junk car, truck, or SUV and getting it taken care of the right way, you are helping to create a safer environment for wildlife who suffer from the pollution that a decaying car can cause. You are also ensuring that no children are injured trying to play on or near it. And if it’s in your garage or near the workplace of some employees, you are taking steps to guarantee their safety as well. Not to mention, if you’re not planning to use the vehicle for anything, there is no point in having it lying around wasting space, especially when you can get cash for it!

So if you’ve got anything lying around that you think we might be interested in, and that would include basically anything with 4 wheels and an engine, why not give us a call at (815) 977-8786 now and get a free quote! You could have your cash as early as today!


"Had 3 junk cars sitting outside of my garage, they came and took them all and didn’t charge
me a cent. I got a couple hundred bucks for each of them, too!"

Awesome! -Roger A.